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  CorporateSocial Responsibility  


For a long time, companies and economic institutions have only been looking for economic interests of their own and their shareholders and they have not been accountable to any entity for various dimensions of their performance. Just looking for maximum benefits and neglecting all other aspects, has left behind harmful effects on various dimensions including social, environmental and so on.

With the advancement of societies and attention to human rights in addition to the common responsibilities of companies, profitability, corporate responsibility towards society and the environment has also been taken into consideration. Shareholders are not the only stakeholders, but citizens, customers, employees and government and even future generations are also stakeholders.

Today, many companies around the world are aware of this responsibility and they are trying to do it. From the beginning of establishment, Tejarat Pazhouhan Haft Eghlim has also paid special attention to the importance of social responsibility and has defined specific principles in this field and required the organization to fully observe these principles while monitoring the compliance with its performance. We strive to create a permanent green cycle for ourselves, our customers, our employees and our environment. Green production, green work, green market and friendship with nature.


In this way, we have a special look and a written program in seven sections:


The Environment

The organization is trying to work in such a way to minimize the negative impact of its operations and its products and services on the environment. A special look at the proper use of energy sources, reducing waste production, paying particular attention to organic products, using recycling process, saving water and generally protecting nature is one of our programs.


Customer Relationship

The organization tries to deal with its customers with honesty, discipline, respect, Justice and responsiveness. Based on a dynamic system, we always measure the level of customer satisfaction and continuously try to improve our relationships with them.


Relations With Suppliers

This organization makes purchasing decisions in accordance with social and environmental considerations and based on its qualitative program.


Relations With Employees

The organization seeks to deal fairly, responsibly and honestly with its employees. We always consider the training, attitude, motivation and performance of our employees.


Relations With The Community

The organization is trying to play an active role in various aspects of society. We seek to implement a small model for solving the problems of society and the human environment. We want to take small and effective steps in the field of education and community health.


Human Rights

The organization strives to respect and manage human rights in its operations. Human dignity is one of the main issues of our business.


Corporate governance

By organizing a comprehensive plan, the organization has tried to consider long-term economic, environmental and social impacts when deciding.


Going towards organizational sustainability ...

In a word, our business is not isolated from others and is not merely a way of earning money. Our employees are dependent on our business. Customers, suppliers and our workplace community are all affected by our business and our actions. Our products and their production methods also affect the environment. So, we cannot be indifferent to them.

We will periodically report our performance through this website in a transparent and public manner so that you are the ultimate supervisor and judge of our activities. You can also submit your feedback via public relations telephone or contact page to make sure that you are also our strategic partner in pursuing these goals.



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