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We and our ancestors were born at the heart of the Silk Road and we have been trading through this legendary road for so many years.
Yes, Iran is the point of emergence of sciences, arts and traditions.
The link between cultures and nations.
The land of opportunities and the old region of trade.
The bridge of development and success.
The history of our business has roots in traditional, local and family trading in the field of medical agricultural and plant sciences. Today, beyond our more than a hundred years of experience and continuous work and effort, we trade in a new structure with a new generation based on the experience and science of the past and present managers with the same long-standing promise and reputation with which we have become famous and prosperous.
With the establishment of “Tejarat Pazhouhan Haft Eghlim”, we have begun transition from the traditional era to the current time and developing the past achievements. The new approach involves developing past trades with old business partners and creating mutual cooperation with new partners to expand new products based on our organization's defined quality principles and with the goal of sustainable development. We, ourselves, as the heirs of our ancestors, are determined to keep the resources of human life which are air, water and soil for our next generation pure and without pollution.
Our overall business orientation regarding different products is: selection, purchase, sale and distribution of healthy and high quality products and commitment in guaranteeing them. Also regarding our customers, employees and people associated with our organization, it is: cooperation, commitment, trust, discipline, pursuit and honesty.
Our food department, as one of our leading and dynamic sectors, tries to make healthy changes in people food habits through innovation and science.
The public relations of "Tejarat Pazhouhan Haft Eghlim" is ready to receive your critics and suggestions and answer all of your questions.



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